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Nov. 21, 2018  Carson and I slept in this morning due to the full moon we had last night.  We got out around 8am and rode over to our new property and my grandfathers property to do a little walking and looking.  I was able to point out different types of animal tracks to Carson and quiz him on them.  I think its important to teach kids about the different tracks and what to look for while hunting.  We did actually walk up on a couple of does crossing a field while doing our adventure walk.  Carson wasn't able to capitalize this time.   By this time its getting to be close to 2pm so we head back to my parents house to get in the ground blind behind there house.  As we are walking in I see this big cat walking across the food plot and noticed it wasn't my parents cat.  I shot the cat at 3:00 pm and continued to get in the blind.  Ok so some of you are thinking well you just shot,  your not going to see anything now.  Well that's a myth, I've done this too many times.  As we get in the blind and start setting up the go pro I look across the cutover and see a doe walking through.  This is at 3:30 pm by the way, so not even 30 mins goes by and deer are moving.  I was going to get some pictures but I decided to let Carson shoot this deer just in case the rest of our hunts went like the first.  Well she kept going in behind all the tall thick stuff so we would only see her just a few seconds at a time and Carson just couldn't get her in the scope without her walking behind brush.  This was the end of our hunt as she disappeared and we didn't see anything else this evening.

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